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The most accurate description of an event or behaviour.

Observation, which was originally used in scientific studies and especially in anthropology where it is called participant observation, is also widely used in marketing studies, either alone or combined with other forms of research, and is particularly useful for obtaining information on buying behaviour. It reduces the effects of distortion caused by a verbal account of this behaviour which, for a number of reasons, may not necessarily coincide with actual behaviour. It can also be used to observe undistorted dynamics due to the reliability and authenticity of the context.

Price Research
Price Research is a strategic and operational tool used to make a competitive comparison between products by studying and comparing the product mix and price positioning of the competitor's products and the brand that is being researched.

In-store observation
In-store Observation is a flexible, actionable methodology that analyses shopping dynamics directly on site, i.e. at the sales outlet.

Mystery shopping
Mystery Shopping is a qualitative and quantitative research tool and the only one capable of checking that a message of quality is conveyed in the retail store and that the store complies with company standards.