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When it is important to measure phenomena.

The aim of quantitative research is to measure phenomena by using a wide representative sample of the target group that is being researched. The collected data then undergoes various forms of processing to produce models that interpret the findings or make predictions. Sita Ricerca’s experience in quantitative research builds on the specific expertise that the company has acquired over the years with its databases. These databases are an extremely valuable but highly complex information tool. Special know-how in statistical techniques is required when querying the databases. This leads to a high degree of significance/reliability in the results of the quantitative research conducted by Sita Ricerca and special skill in interpreting the data. Since it is used to handling large amounts of data, normally associated with panels, our company can easily handle large quantitative research projects. We firmly believe that combining different research techniques adds Value to knowledge. For this reason, we use both the qualitative and quantitative stages in our research to provide a unique system of interpretation and not two separate research projects.

The tools most widely used in quantitative research are:
  • face-to-face interviews using tablet or smartphone
  • telephone interviews (CATI system)
  • online interviews (CAWI system)
The processing systems used include cluster analysis and conjoint analysis as well as traditional ones.