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Databases are one of the most important assets for the research company that owns them. They are a valuable but also highly complex information system and require special expertise in statistical techniques and special skill in order to transfer the data into results that satisfy company requirements.
One of the most important advantages of using databases in market research is that they can be immediately accessed: data collection time normally required when conducting ad hoc research is not necessary. A survey based on a database also normally costs less than ad hoc research. Finally, another major advantage of databases is that they provide reliable record series documenting how phenomena change over time, something extremely useful in business intelligence.

Fashion Consumer Panel
The Fashion Consumer Panel (FCP) is a permanent survey on clothing consumption in Italy and has been operating continuously for over thirty years. The FCP is the only Consumer Panel specialised in the world of fashion in Italy and are owned and retained by Sita Ricerca.

Fashion Map
The Fashion Map service is a strategic and operational tool used to control, streamline and develop the multi-brand company distribution network. It is based on two complementary projects: that of Fashion Bank, a company specialising in knowledge of Italian multi-brand clothing distribution and Sita Ricerca, a leading Italian market research company in the fashion industry.

In an increasingly crowded, competitive market, retailers must make careful decisions regarding the location of sales outlets. They must know local potential as precisely as possible so that accurate forecasts can be made concerning sales potential and consequently the financial results of the store. Sita Ricerca, which has been involved in examining changes in distribution formats in the fashion world for years, has developed a new approach to geographical research in the fashion industry by using its exclusive databases (Fashion Consumer Panel and Fashion Map) as well as years of experience in the field.

Online panel
The online panel is a sample of Internet users who have agreed to collaborate on a regular basis with market research by using the web as a method for recording information. Since the end of 2012, Sita Ricerca has begun to organise its own online panel to record clothing consumption (currently being tested) and conduct ad hoc research and surveys (excluding the clothing sector).