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Sita Ricerca is a company that was established over thirty years ago. Its researchers are all professionals with years of experience and all have their own field of specialisation ranging from qualitative and quantitative research to panel methods (in itself a rarity). Experience is combined with a constant focus on a changing world and new research methods: new concepts are interpreted and developed on the basis of years of experience.

Sita Ricerca offers its clients a consultancy approach, one that helps to fully understand the needs of the company and establish a relationship based on trust and cooperation both before and after research. Sita researchers want to be partners and not just service providers.

The way we work continues to be ‘hand made’ with a strong emphasis on quality and personalisation. The research method is “tailored” and all stages of research are carried out with great care directly by the Research Director who focuses on analysing every single detail.

We firmly believe in the importance of flexibility: this means being aware of and satisfying our clients' needs in order to create the partnership we want with the companies who place their trust in us. Our aim is to combine flexibility with methodological correctness and precision so that we can offer our clients an excellent level of service.